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Latest News


This update focuses mainly on bugfixes and improvements. We added sound effects to many objects that lacked them, and we improved a bit on the quality of our existing sound effects. We also added a settings screen with volume controls so that players can adjust the volume of sound effects and music.

The difficulty curve has been made less steep, with harder levels pushed later and most of the hardest levels replaced with easier ones.

In this update, we removed cutscenes and collectible journal pages. While we feel that these added value to our game, they aren't that important to core gameplay. Moving forward, we will be putting core gameplay first. These features will be added back once all the areas of the game have been completed. We will be making an announcement soon that goes into more detail about our plans for the future of this game. Thanks for your support!

New Features

- Added a Settings menu. Here, you can control the volume of music and sound effects. More settings will be added later.

- Added Tip blocks that display tips while the player is sitting on them.

- (WebGL Only) Added buttons to the HUD to toggle SFX and music.

- (WebGL Only) Added a UI pause button to the HUD.


- Removed cutscenes. They will be added back in a future update.

- Removed collectible journal pages. They will be added back in a future update. Existing saves will keep all collected pages.

- Updated Unity from 2021.3.14 to 2021.3.30.

- Changed level order so harder levels appear later.

- Replaced hard levels with easier levels.

- Made minor changes to some levels to make them easier.

- Made it so that no more than 1 new obstacle or ghost type is introduced per level.

- Made Open Switch blocks more distinguishable for the colorblind.

- Changed lore related sprites.

- Made a certain door less confusing.

- Reverted the score counting sound effect to the old version as the new one was obnoxious.

- Reduced the default volume of music and sound effects.

- Added sound effects to switch blocks and crumbling blocks.

- Added sound effects to ghosts. (These are only audible when close to a ghost.)

- Level sound effects will now stop playing while the Win or Lose Screen is open.

- Added health pickups to the secret level to make it a bit easier.

- Made respawns in the secret level more fair.

- Added a particle effect when a gem is collected.

- Fixed a glitch where a heart displayed on the HUD wasn't breaking if Mr. Stretch was hit while stationary.

- Added a multi-layer parallaxing background to the Grand Entry.

- Added a link to the Muketronics YouTube channel on end and title screens.

- The HUD Will now display the last gem color collected to the left of score.

- The HUD will now display the point value of the current move below score.

- Certain Treasures that can only be collected once now display different sprites after they are collected.

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